Podcast 10-1-15: Dry Weather Will Let Harvest Continue at a Rapid Pace



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this is hoosier act today it’s the
morning edition for the first of October

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2015 and harvest moves on I’m A NGU bank
we have the latest indiana farm news for

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you a couple of issues are pushing for a
quick corn harvest will visit with bill

00:00:24.960 –> 00:00:29.800
Mullen up seat consultants in a
southeast Indiana cornfield also another

00:00:29.800 –> 00:00:35.309
voice has been added to the RFS fight
Gary Truitt has that report a look back

00:00:35.309 –> 00:00:39.570
at the Wednesday markets following the
September quarterly stocks report

00:00:39.570 –> 00:00:42.250
yesterday and also coming up

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meteorologist Ryan Martin checks the
Indiana farm forecast this is the

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morning edition of who’s your ad today

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Indiana agriculture stance together on
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this is news iraq today I mean do you
bank reporting on Indiana agriculture

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don’t forget to check out our regular
agronomy updates including harvest

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updates this time of year course listen
each week on this station for the DuPont

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pioneer agronomy update and check out
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today.com and mobile app for smartphones
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hard to get their crops out of the field
as soon as they are ready for harvest

00:02:03.619 –> 00:02:07.929
and a late arriving disease this year is
another reason to get to the corn crop

00:02:07.929 –> 00:02:12.590
before weather takes down the stocks
anthracnose leaf blight starts at the

00:02:12.590 –> 00:02:16.750
top and works its way down the plant and
stalk rot eventually comes into play

00:02:16.750 –> 00:02:21.280
according to agronomist bill Mullen he
found the disease in a cornfield this

00:02:21.280 –> 00:02:25.940
week between Greensburg in Batesville
just off i-70 for all these black

00:02:25.940 –> 00:02:30.480
lesions on here are these other sports
when you look at this plant this is a

00:02:30.480 –> 00:02:36.670
base needs to be the lower than those is
this note here is rotten second one dry

00:02:36.670 –> 00:02:42.310
and third one dry and Portland rotten
fifth one run and this is really dry and

00:02:42.310 –> 00:02:47.810
out slow basically we’ve got some stock
issues out here this is a big concern

00:02:47.810 –> 00:02:51.930
that I have tried to get the crop
harvested because we know it’s like to

00:02:51.930 –> 00:02:56.440
be able to stand out there special begin
any heavy winds you can see what Mullen

00:02:56.440 –> 00:03:01.170
found in the new hat video with the seat
consultants agronomist in the non GMO

00:03:01.170 –> 00:03:06.099
corn field he also found corn plants
invaded by European corn borer plants

00:03:06.099 –> 00:03:09.819
that were dropping years because of the
past one thing I’ve been seeing a lot of

00:03:09.819 –> 00:03:15.760
this year especially in conventional
corn is the presence of European corn

00:03:15.760 –> 00:03:20.230
borer pretty much second generation is
doing some damage out there when I was

00:03:20.230 –> 00:03:25.569
walkin in the field I saw several
dropped ears and that corn borer went

00:03:25.569 –> 00:03:32.030
into the shank normally it can go up
into the air itself with this European

00:03:32.030 –> 00:03:37.819
corn borer damage nice idea like this
and with the week shank there’s only one

00:03:37.819 –> 00:03:41.040
way it’s going to go its gonna go down
on the ground Mullins message is a

00:03:41.040 –> 00:03:45.930
familiar one prioritize at risk field
and get them harvested as soon

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as is feasible see the video at our
web-site who’s your ad today.com or

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follow the who’s your ad today YouTube

00:03:53.959 –> 00:03:58.040
a new organization has been formed to
fight for the renewable fuel industry

00:03:58.040 –> 00:04:03.579
and the RFS Gary Truitt reports on what
makes this group different americans for

00:04:03.579 –> 00:04:07.680
energy security and innovation is the
latest industry supported organization

00:04:07.680 –> 00:04:11.639
to begin a campaign to pressure the
Obama administration and the EPA to

00:04:11.639 –> 00:04:14.599
administer the RFS the way it was

00:04:14.599 –> 00:04:18.289
led by former Missouri Senator Jim
talent the new organization will focus

00:04:18.289 –> 00:04:22.139
on putting political pressure on the EPA
and one of the things we want to do is

00:04:22.139 –> 00:04:26.300
if one wants them both directly and by
influencing political leaders to

00:04:26.300 –> 00:04:30.389
administer the law faithfully talent one
of the original architects of the artist

00:04:30.389 –> 00:04:34.210
legislation says the white house has
been actively working to limit the use

00:04:34.210 –> 00:04:39.150
of biofuels in america is the opposite
of what the RFS was supposed to do you

00:04:39.150 –> 00:04:42.169
know the Obama administration for the
last several years has proposed

00:04:42.169 –> 00:04:44.860
regulations which are inconsistent with
the purposes of the law in this

00:04:44.860 –> 00:04:49.570
particularly ironic not just say
hypocritical because president gonna go

00:04:49.570 –> 00:04:53.419
in in November to Paris to talk with
other countries about how to reduce

00:04:53.419 –> 00:04:58.220
greenhouse gases and this is a policy
which is reducing greenhouse gases today

00:04:58.220 –> 00:05:02.440
at low cost talents of the new group
will target free-market conservative

00:05:02.440 –> 00:05:05.949
members of congress who have not always
been strong supporters of renewable

00:05:05.949 –> 00:05:10.990
fuels we don’t have a free market today
because we have international cartel

00:05:10.990 –> 00:05:16.229
operating the can and does manipulate
the price of oil in part in order to

00:05:16.229 –> 00:05:19.990
inhibit competition both world energy
and the Renewable Fuels Association

00:05:19.990 –> 00:05:24.080
issued statements saying they welcome
the new group pledged to work together

00:05:24.080 –> 00:05:28.349
to prevent an even stronger voice in
Washington in support of the renewable

00:05:28.349 –> 00:05:33.070
fuel standard and I’m Andy Eubank this
is who’s your ad today

00:05:33.070 –> 00:05:36.620
Indiana’s farm network

00:05:36.620 –> 00:05:40.430
chief meteorologist Ryan Martin with a
look at who’s your act today’s indiana

00:05:40.430 –> 00:05:44.530
farm forecast from the Wells Fargo
forecast center is worth a look at the

00:05:44.530 –> 00:05:50.830
latest to set up here we are looking at
home . across the Hoosier State as we

00:05:50.830 –> 00:05:57.419
all got high pressure in control even
though it’s sitting over the Canadian

00:05:57.419 –> 00:06:02.570
province of Ontario moving into call
back its influence though goes all the

00:06:02.570 –> 00:06:08.720
way down into the middle part of
Tennessee so there’s a big push this

00:06:08.720 –> 00:06:14.100
cool dry high pressure air across the
region as we go forward honestly more of

00:06:14.100 –> 00:06:18.520
our attention is gonna need to be paid
hurricane Joaquin a lot of models are

00:06:18.520 –> 00:06:21.280
bringing it in trying to make landfall
somewhere in the mid-atlantic states but

00:06:21.280 –> 00:06:27.120
one key model the European model it
wants to kind of keep the storm out this

00:06:27.120 –> 00:06:32.840
seed that will make a big difference as
to how things emerge here on one hand

00:06:32.840 –> 00:06:35.650
we’ve got models that are trying to
throw moisture back in building it in

00:06:35.650 –> 00:06:39.660
over parts of ohio and indiana lots of
clouds may be some rain moving east to

00:06:39.660 –> 00:06:42.349
west we’ve covered that already that’s
not the way things are supposed to move

00:06:42.349 –> 00:06:47.830
but it’s interesting the other bigger
thing is if a storm that’s category 2 or

00:06:47.830 –> 00:06:52.550
3 comes in hits the East Coast the
United States its gonna back the pattern

00:06:52.550 –> 00:06:55.610
up its gonna just kind of stall
everything across the rest of the

00:06:55.610 –> 00:06:59.599
country that leaves our next front not
arrive until probably late Wednesday and

00:06:59.599 –> 00:07:02.940
Thursday of next week it’ll keep the
nice there around longer over a large

00:07:02.940 –> 00:07:07.510
part of the corn belt but if the storm
stays farther out to sea and then just

00:07:07.510 –> 00:07:11.460
gotta curves off to the north and east
while then all of a sudden you’re not

00:07:11.460 –> 00:07:15.260
backing the pattern up so a lot of
things are going to be coming down to

00:07:15.260 –> 00:07:20.510
what this crazy tropical storm does over
the course of the next three to four

00:07:20.510 –> 00:07:23.849
days we’re gonna be watching it closely
right now we feel easily they’re going

00:07:23.849 –> 00:07:26.729
to be seeing dry air right on through
the weekend actually over the entire

00:07:26.729 –> 00:07:30.210
Hoosier State I’m gonna even leave
precipitation out through the first half

00:07:30.210 –> 00:07:34.639
of next week I know some are saying
clouds and showers moving in later

00:07:34.639 –> 00:07:37.180
Sunday because of the moisture out to
the east

00:07:37.180 –> 00:07:40.599
I think the Appalachians hold it yes we
can see some clouds maybe but not

00:07:40.599 –> 00:07:44.690
precipitation I’m keeping us during our
next run I like right now Wednesday into

00:07:44.690 –> 00:07:48.400
Thursday of next week I’m gonna leave my
moisture totals alone about a quarter to

00:07:48.400 –> 00:07:49.260
three quarters of it

00:07:49.260 –> 00:07:52.650
coverage probably seventy five to eighty
percent of the state of Indiana think

00:07:52.650 –> 00:07:55.780
there’s good moisture there then we see
a dryer period coming in with another

00:07:55.780 –> 00:07:59.430
area of high pressure following that and
that should bring dry weather through

00:07:59.430 –> 00:08:02.990
that next weekend for the 10 through the
11th will be keeping an eye out for

00:08:02.990 –> 00:08:07.190
system around the 14th and 15th could
bring half to one inch rainfall totals

00:08:07.190 –> 00:08:10.790
to the state right now I only like
coverage there at about 70 percent

00:08:10.790 –> 00:08:15.510
although it looks like a nice so we may
have to jack that to 90% or even a

00:08:15.510 –> 00:08:19.380
hundred percent in the days ahead if the
system holds together other things to

00:08:19.380 –> 00:08:20.280
talk about here

00:08:20.280 –> 00:08:22.730
breezy conditions you know what this
high-pressure dome I think we’ll

00:08:22.730 –> 00:08:26.570
continue to keep winds across the state
so look for wins to be a little bit

00:08:26.570 –> 00:08:30.090
brisk through the day today temperatures
normal or slightly below probably one

00:08:30.090 –> 00:08:33.000
more day today then we’re back to normal
as we go through tomorrow and the

00:08:33.000 –> 00:08:36.750
weekend so that will be nice and then
next week added that front adequacy

00:08:36.750 –> 00:08:42.060
south winds really take hold but all
eyes as we said on Joaquin we’ll see

00:08:42.060 –> 00:08:46.440
what happens to him later today that’s
the way things are stacking up I’m chief

00:08:46.440 –> 00:08:48.870
meteorologist Ryan Martin on who’s your
act today

00:08:48.870 –> 00:08:53.340
Indiana’s from network monitor your
grain anytime anyplace with grain track

00:08:53.340 –> 00:08:57.920
from Khoa Lions train track uses the
latest technology for remote temperature

00:08:57.920 –> 00:09:02.690
readings every 30 minutes at Greenetrack
remove the guesswork from grain storage

00:09:02.690 –> 00:09:06.420
so you don’t need to drive climb or keep
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00:09:06.420 –> 00:09:12.160
saved money on electricity and shrink by
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system is only a few cents per bushel
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track at co Alliance dot com train track
been monitoring only from co Alliance

00:09:23.950 –> 00:09:28.520
this is who’s your ad today and
Wednesday Farm Market Review I’m Andy

00:09:28.520 –> 00:09:33.950
Eubank USDA report day as USDA issued
their September quarterly stocks report

00:09:33.950 –> 00:09:39.020
generally anywhere from neutral to
supportive this update is brought to you

00:09:39.020 –> 00:09:45.160
by seat consultants simply the best
value in the seed industry 800 708 267 6

00:09:45.160 –> 00:09:50.340
seed consultants dot com checked in
midday with Steve Bartman EFG group in

00:09:50.340 –> 00:09:56.060
Chicago Court report and market analysis
corn market initially had the greatest

00:09:56.060 –> 00:09:59.990
influence we broke down from the highs
what we’re trying to march back and I

00:09:59.990 –> 00:10:06.550
really think it’s because the wheat
market by itself is is constructed so if

00:10:06.550 –> 00:10:12.080
we got beat we train at 5:10 as we speak
here we can get this win over 5 15 with

00:10:12.080 –> 00:10:16.060
any kind of IM I think it’s going to
follow through there’s a decent looking

00:10:16.060 –> 00:10:21.730
little interim bottom there I think
technically the market may respect and

00:10:21.730 –> 00:10:25.130
as I said follow through a little bit
with a little bit of rice green beans

00:10:25.130 –> 00:10:33.590
the USDA lowered last year’s crop by 27
million bushel so we’ve got a September

00:10:33.590 –> 00:10:38.000
first estimate at a hundred and ninety
one million I think that’s constructive

00:10:38.000 –> 00:10:45.610
and again technically good you couldn’t
get no beans over 895 I think the market

00:10:45.610 –> 00:10:49.810
technically would be looking at the
potential for maybe 30 $0.40 college

00:10:49.810 –> 00:10:53.400
through which they could do it
absolutely mind meld people because

00:10:53.400 –> 00:10:57.410
we’re here and some pretty impressive
being yields coming out of the sealed so

00:10:57.410 –> 00:11:02.800
it’s pretty counterintuitive for the
market to be rallying right in the midst

00:11:02.800 –> 00:11:08.240
of harvest but that’s the way i chart
looks right now you got milk prices up

00:11:08.240 –> 00:11:12.570
two and a half but so will spread your
working in beings I think there’s enough

00:11:12.570 –> 00:11:16.050
constructive things that would drag
queen along for the ride

00:11:16.050 –> 00:11:21.140
Lawrence High today’s 394 and a half and
they said we broke 11 cents to the lower

00:11:21.140 –> 00:11:25.570
after the Report now we’re back to
unchanged on the day so you know for

00:11:25.570 –> 00:11:29.820
twenty after 11 I think it’s it’s
shaping up to be relatively constructive

00:11:29.820 –> 00:11:33.630
day right you know as removing into some
pretty serious

00:11:33.630 –> 00:11:39.580
harvest pressure the corner was whether
1.73 one which is pretty neutral pretty

00:11:39.580 –> 00:11:43.760
much in line with the average trade
guesses I still think in the big picture

00:11:43.760 –> 00:11:47.330
when you talk about the kind of crafts
we’ve had over the last two years and

00:11:47.330 –> 00:11:53.150
the fact that we’re looking at these
types at this level of quarterly stocks

00:11:53.150 –> 00:11:59.640
I think it’s it’s constructed because we
are producing big crowds and using it to

00:11:59.640 –> 00:12:04.160
the extent that we’re not building your
new year stocks I think that again is

00:12:04.160 –> 00:12:10.660
constructed but the core markets been
engine on relative strength or weakness

00:12:10.660 –> 00:12:15.330
in wheat prices it still doing it and I
think we finally might have enough of

00:12:15.330 –> 00:12:19.590
the story and we could rally a bit by
constructive Steve you’re also saying

00:12:19.590 –> 00:12:24.900
essentially that these estimates from
USDA don’t seem crazy out of hand no

00:12:24.900 –> 00:12:29.020
they’re not at all they are supportive
but there’s no there’s no big shockers

00:12:29.020 –> 00:12:34.530
here there’s no the market’s been
reacting war i’d say to some of the

00:12:34.530 –> 00:12:40.400
concerns about world demand China and
the way their stock markets been

00:12:40.400 –> 00:12:46.850
responding here that late you know the
markets the markets jittery about world

00:12:46.850 –> 00:12:51.160
demand Steve erdman at EFG group in
Chicago here is how the markets finished

00:12:51.160 –> 00:12:55.190
December corn did close right near
unchanged one and a quarter lower for

00:12:55.190 –> 00:12:59.960
December three eighty seven and three
quarters and March 398 in three quarters

00:12:59.960 –> 00:13:06.000
down a penny soybeans for November 1892
so three cents below that 895 mark up

00:13:06.000 –> 00:13:10.480
seven and three quarters on the day
though Jan means 894 up six and a half

00:13:10.480 –> 00:13:15.510
cents and wheat led the way up nine
points for December wheat at 5 12 and

00:13:15.510 –> 00:13:20.690
three quarters that is the Wednesday
market review and that is a wrap on the

00:13:20.690 –> 00:13:24.560
Thursday morning podcast here on who’s
your ad today

00:13:24.560 –> 00:13:28.220
I mean do you bank thanks for joining us
we’re back in the middle of the day with

00:13:28.220 –> 00:13:33.490
an update on the grain markets how will
the export sales report benefits the

00:13:33.490 –> 00:13:38.630
markets today or not we’ll find that out
on our midday addition expert analysis

00:13:38.630 –> 00:13:43.660
with Mike silver scheduled to join me
from Kokomo grain Howard County have a

00:13:43.660 –> 00:13:49.180
good Thursday and stay close to Indiana
agriculture with who’s your ad today

00:13:49.180 –> 00:13:50.830
Indiana’s farm network

Indiana Farm Expo
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