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What is Podcasting?
If you are interested in getting free, unique audio content to listen to, podcasting is for you. Podcasting is a way of using your computer to automatically download audio shows to your iPod (or other player), so that you’ve always got something new to listen to. It’s an exciting alternative to radio, because you choose what shows you want to listen to, and when and where you want to hear them. Here is a link to a definition and more in-depth look at the term “podcasting.” Click here

Getting Podcasts on your computer
Getting started with podcasting is easy. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a portable media player. In fact, you can listen to podcasts right on your computer and you don’t have to put them on a portable media player (like an iPod) if you don’t have one.

You can find podcasts (downloadable audio files) on individual web sites like this one or you can search a podcasting service (like iTunes or Yahoo!) for podcasts. Look on your favorite sites for icons like these that indicate webfeeds (podcasts channels).

The HAT Podcast Channel

Hoosier Ag Today Morning Edition & Mid-day Roundup
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