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Politicians and Pork help Open Indiana State Fair


Pork producers open fair

Bison unveiled at State FairPork on the plates and hot air balloons filling the sky again kicked off the Indiana State Fair Friday. The Indiana Pork Producers served a variety of pork breakfast items to Indiana ag leaders and just about every major elected official at their annual ham breakfast to open the fair. Both sitting U.S. senators from Indiana were present, along with the 2 running for retiring Senator Dan Coats’ seat. The gubernatorial candidates and their running mates were there as well.

Not only is the fair a great place for the candidates to meet voters, but Jason Slaton, president of the Indiana Pork producers says it’s an important place for Indiana Pork to be.

Jason Slaton-16“It gives us an opportunity to showcase our products in our pork tents, and I would encourage fairgoers to get out over the next days and enjoy the pork products that we have. The new BBQ slaw burger that we have, the pork patties, the pork chops all showcase what Indiana pork producers do each and every day.”

Friday Slaton announced an August 10th kickoff of Indiana pork patties available at Indiana Marsh locations. So those great pork burgers available at the fair are now ready for your own home grill.

“Producers have told us year over year over year, for many years that we need to get a ready to cook product in the supermarket for our consumers. So we’re proud to bring that to the Marsh stores. To this point we know that the early sales have been very encouraging to us and we look forward to continuing that project.”

He told HAT that growth in demand for pork has precipitated the push to get Indiana pork labeled and in stores.

The packaging is complete with recipes and a pork producer profile. Look for the Indiana Pork Patties label.

And if you’re looking for new items to try at the Indiana State Fair, Slaton says their signature Slaw-B-Q sandwich, pulled pork topped with slaw, is a great addition.

“Being from south of the Mason-Dixon Line originally that’s not new to me. I’ve had a few of those in my lifetime, so I’m certainly glad to see that on the menu this year and encourage everyone to get out and try it!”