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Pork Checkoff TQA Program Revised


cute-pigsThe pork industry’s Transport Quality Assurance program has promoted responsible practices when handling and transporting pigs since 2001. Until now – the program has been revised five times – but its mission has remained the same. National Pork Board Animal Welfare Director Sherrie Webb says consumers are hungry for information on how their pork is raised – from the farm to the table. Webb says consumers want information extending into how the animal is safely and humanely transported from farm to market – which is why the pork industry believes keeping current on transportation trends is critical. Triumph Foods Director of Hog Procurement Brad Knadler says everyone involved in pork production needs to develop a biosecurity plan that helps them make good decisions and take sound action to reduce the risk of disease spread.


Knadler says the TQA program specifically addresses the need for serious biosecurity protocols to be in place and helps the pork industry further fight and reduce the spread of industry-impacting diseases. The updated program also provides a new approach to basic pig behavior – how that contributes to a safe, positive experience for the pig and the handler – and teaches transporters the importance of planning ahead for weather conditions by properly bedding and boarding trailers.


Source: NAFB News service