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Pork’s Back on the Menu in Federal Prisons


Just one day after Sen. Charles Grassley sent a letter blasting them for taking pork off the menu for federal inmates, the US Bureau of Prisons has put pork back on the menu for the prison population. Grassley says he’s pleased that they reversed their original decision. But he’s still demanding to know how they surveyed prisoners and how much it cost. In defending the “no pork” rule, federal officials said a survey found that prisoners didn’t like pork.

In addition, Grassley still wants prison officials to justify their statements that pork was more expensive to serve than other meat products.

After learning of the no-pork rule from media outlets, including WHO Radio’s Simon Conway, Grassley fired off a terse letter Thursday.  The decision to put pork back was announced as reporters quizzed the Bureau of Prisons spokesperson Friday.

“It looks like they got their hand caught in the cookie jar,” Grassley told WHO Radio News when asked about the issue Friday.


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