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Potential Planting Window Opening for Central/Southern Indiana


As we close the book on March and turn to April, farmers are ready to hit the fields, but are the fields ready for the farmers? HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says we’ll be on a temperature roller coaster to begin the month.

“As a matter of fact, I think the first two days of April are going to be well below normal. They’ll probably feel like early March days normally should. So, in terms of soil temperatures, I still think we’re going to be flirting with the 47–50-degree range as we get ready to move into that first full week of April. So, you’re going to be pushing the envelope just a little bit.”

With regard to moisture, Martin says his forecast calls for a drier pattern to start off April.

“I don’t really see any big, butt-kicking weather fronts coming through all the way through that first full week of April. To be clear, there is some moisture that is wanting to sag southward out of the upper Midwest that may impact our northern counties, but statewide rain I don’t see a whole lot. So, I think central/southern Indiana, as soon as we can pull about an inch or inch and a quarter’s worth of moisture out of the soil profile from these recent rains, we should be able to go at it. So, April 5-10 in central and southern Indiana, to me, is doable the way things look right now.”

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