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Prepare for a Long Harvest


Prepare for a Long Harvest

Ryan Piel

While some combines are rolling, many fields still remain too green. With a good deal of our corn not planted until late May and a summer with fewer than normal growing degrees, harvest may be late in starting and may take a lot longer. Yet, Ryan Piel with DuPont Pioneer says this is a good thing, “A lot of this corn has a long way to go; and, as long as it stays in the field, it is going to continue to fill and that means yield.”

Piel acknowledged that producers are anxious to get the harvest underway, but patience now will pay off. “Most of the 108 day and higher corn still has a lot left in it,” he stated. “I was in a field this week that was hardly half milk line. It was planted early in May and still had a ways to go.”

Unlike last year, when disease caused problems with stalk integrity, Piel says this year that will not be an issue, “I have not seen a lot of diplodia, so that is going to make harvest easier.” Listen to the complete Pioneer Harvest update on the agronomy page of this site.