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President Trump Talks Trade and WOTUS at AFBF Convention

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After the Phase One trade deal with China was signed on Wednesday and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement overwhelmingly cleared the Senate on Thursday, President Trump had plenty to talk about while addressing the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention Sunday evening.

Trump thanked the farmers in attendance for their, “fortitude, perseverance, and devotion,” they showed in sticking with him while they were being targeted by China. He says because of that, we have, “perhaps the best relationship we’ve had with China in many years…they respect us now.”

While he didn’t go into details, Trump said that the enforcement aspect of the deal was the most negotiated piece. Indiana Farm Bureau member and American Soybean Association Director Phil Ramsey from Shelby County told HAT after the speech that he was very glad to hear that. You can listen to my full interview with Ramsey by clicking the play button below.

In addition to trade, Trump touted the regulatory burdens he’s lifted during his administration, the repeal of the “death tax” to help keep the family farm in the family, and repealing the “overreaching” Waters of the U.S. rule.

Trump also announced during his speech that he is, “taking yet another step to protect the water rights of American farmers and ranchers. Under the previous administration, the Army Corps of Engineers proposed a new water supply rule that would give the federal government vast and unlimited power to restrict farmers access to water. That is not a good thing. That is why I’m directing the Corps of Engineers to immediately withdraw the proposed rule just submitted recently, meaning last administration, and allow states to manage their water resources based on their own needs and based on what their farmers and ranchers want.”

You can find a link to Trump’s address here and, again, listen to Ramsey’s response below.

President Trump Talks Trade and WOTUS at AFBF Convention