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Pride and Emotions Grip Hoosier Homestead Recipients



More farm families have been recognized for long term commitments to Indiana agriculture. Twice a year the Indiana State Department of Agriculture honors families who have owned their farm for 100 or more consecutive years. The newest group of Hoosier Homestead award recipients gathered Friday at the Indiana State Fair.

Cricket Houze was one of the many Johnson family members representing the Auburn farm in Dekalb County receiving a Centennial award.

“We live back a mile lane,” she said in an emotional reflection on the family farm’s history. “It’s been in the family a long time and it’s a very unique property, so our nearest neighbor is almost a mile away. My dad was a city slicker and decided to farm with my grandpa and grandma, and viola, here we are! One hundred fifteen years in the family and it’s incredible because that’s not really your focus growing up. In fact, it’s always what the heck let’s leave the farm! But when you look back you realize the value of all the gifts it gives you growing up.”

She said the farm started out as a dairy farm but then began to focus on hogs. There were chickens too.

“We had 750 layer hens so we raise eggs and about 650 hogs and over a thousand acres of land in the farm that was not all together. It was split east and west side of Auburn. So, we grew grain and actually grew for a long, long time, certified seed for Purdue. We were closely tied to Purdue and trying out their new hybrids.”

Houze said her brother Jeff and his son operate the farm now, and their 90-year old mother and father, Donald and Lenora, were beaming as they received the recognition from ISDA director Ted McKinney and ISDA Deputy Director Melissa Rekeweg.

“I’d just like to thank the state for doing this,” Cricket told HAT. “This is a really special, special time for my folks.”

Hear more in the HAT interview:Cricket-Houze-on-Johnson-Family-Farm

To be named a Hoosier Homestead, farms must be owned by the same family for more than 100 consecutive years, and consist of more than 20 acres or produce more than $1,000 of agricultural products per year.

“There’s a certain reverence when it comes to generational farming in Indiana – it’s a way of life,” McKinney said. “These families produce the food, fuel and fiber we need to go about our daily lives, and it’s important to recognize those that have been carrying on this noble and vital tradition.”

The families honored join more than 5,000 Hoosier Homestead farms. Administered by ISDA and currently in its 41st year, semiannual recognition ceremonies are held in the spring at the Indiana Statehouse and in August at the Indiana State Fair.

There were Centennial and Sesquicentennial awards during this ceremony, and here is the full list:

Farm County Award Name Homestead Date Type of Award
Adams Floyd Ehlerding 1851 Sesquicentennial
Adams Hockemeyer/Everett 1845 Sesquicentennial
Allen Berning 1827 Centennial
Allen Berning 1827 Sesquicentennial
Allen Fuhrmann 1917 Centennial
Allen Lilly 1917 Centennial
Allen Grotrian 1917 Centennial
Allen Springer 1867 Sesquicentennial
Allen Stahlhut 1905 Centennial
Bartholomew Andrews 1894 Centennial
Bartholomew Jeffrey & Cynthia Shoaf 1902 Centennial
Bartholomew Voelz Family 1875 Centennial
Boone Artman Farms Inc. 1866 Sesquicentennial
Boone Sipe – Cragun – Kissel 1899 Centennial
Boone Canine 1902 Centennial
Carroll Armstrong 1916 Centennial
Carroll Thomas Bitler Armstrong 1850 Sesquicentennial
Carroll Blaine & Brenda Brubaker 1832 Centennial
Carroll Blaine & Brenda Brubaker 1832 Sesquicentennial
Carroll Brubaker 1827 Sesquicentennial
Carroll Brubaker – Kingery 1827 Sesquicentennial
Carroll Childers 1889 Centennial
Cass Donna Davidson Buchanan Christiansen 1840 Centennial
Cass Donna Davidson Buchanan Christiansen 1840 Sesquicentennial
Cass Gremelspacher 1864 Centennial
Cass Gremelspacher 1864 Sesquicentennial
Cass Chambers/Laird 1857 Centennial
Cass Chambers/Laird 1857 Sesquicentennial
Cass Sandra Davidson Buchanan Shaw 1840 Centennial
Cass Sandra Davidson Buchanan Shaw 1840 Sesquicentennial
Clinton Silverthorn 1864 Sesquicentennial
Crawford Benz 1891 Centennial
Crawford Gresham 1876 Centennial
Decatur Porter 1880 Centennial
Decatur Forster – Mahan 1907 Centennial
Decatur Mang 1917 Centennial
Decatur/Jennings Hamilton 1902 Centennial
DeKalb Jeffrey D. & Tina A. Johnson 1902 Centennial
DeKalb Kummer – Weicht, LLC 1917 Centennial
Dubois Goeppner 1914 Centennial
Dubois Vonderheide 1899 Centennial
Franklin Stirn 1899 Centennial
Franklin Hofer – Wendel 1917 Centennial
Hamilton Hillock 1902 Centennial
Hancock Braddock 1907 Centennial
Harrison LaHue – Schellenberger 1916 Centennial
Howard Kendall 1847 Centennial
Howard Kendall 1847 Sesquicentennial
Howard Kerby/Moss 1892 Centennial
Howard Riley 1904 Centennial
Jay Young 1917 Centennial
Kosciusko Carl & Edythe Sands 1917 Centennial
LaPorte Hostetler – Stutzman 1884 Centennial
Lawrence Whitted Farm 1844 Sesquicentennial
Madison Canfield 1913 Centennial
Miami Houlihan – Mitchell 1916 Centennial
Newton Blann 1917 Centennial
Newton Blann Warrick 1917 Centennial
Noble Piper/McLallin 1869 Centennial
Pike Robling Farms, Inc. 1852 Sesquicentennial
Posey Scherer 1894 Centennial
Posey Elwood Williams Farms 1886 Centennial
Posey Pearl Yeida Hughes 1894 Centennial
Pulaski Louis Tieman 1900 Centennial
Pulaski Glen – Ray – Den Farm 1879 Centennial
Pulaski Needham House Farms 1887 Centennial
Putnam Smith 1910 Centennial
Randolph Duane Barr 1866 Sesquicentennial
Ripley Richter 1913 Centennial
Ripley Tielking/Sellers Homestead 1957 Sesquicentennial
Shelby Cuskaden 1880 Centennial
Shelby Cuskaden/Bausback 1916 Centennial
Shelby Phil & Cindy Ramsey 1867 Sesquicentennial
Starke Will 1915 Centennial
Switzerland Althoff 1896 Centennial
Tipton Colbert Family Farm 1917 Centennial
Tipton Cardwell – Etherington – Chase – Garhart 1873 Centennial
Vanderburgh Schauss 1906 Centennial
Wells Jerry Nusbaumer 1865 Sesquicentennial
White Burns 1886 Centennial
White Burns/Diemer 1895 Centennial
White Ploss 1899 Centennial