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Some Progress Made in Planting in NE Indiana


Some Progress Made in Planting in NE Indiana

The prospects for planting do not look good for this week, but there was some progress was made last week and over the weekend. According to USDA, 2% of Indiana corn has been planted, well behind the 17% 5 year average.

Lance Shepherd, Pioneer agronomist in NE Indiana, said there was fieldwork and planting activity that took place last week, “Kosciusko, Elkhart, LaGrange, Noble, and Steuben Counties were able to get some corn and soybeans in the ground last week before the rains came.” He added that some burndown and anhydrous applications were also made.

Shepherd said as we turn the page on the calendar tomorrow, the anxiety level among growers will increase. “This is what we saw in 2018 and we came out OK, so don’t push things too hard and get bad results.” He noted that yield loss from soil compaction can run as high as 20%, and “That is a lot worse than the 3/10 per day from late planting.” He added it is too early to consider any hybrid changes, but it might be time to consider some other changes, “You might want to consider using side dressing on nitrogen or perhaps no-till.”

Soil moisture in Indiana remains well above average. Topsoil moisture is rated at 100% adequate to surplus and subsoil moisture 98% adequate to surplus.

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