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Promoting Pork with Pork Patties Will Continue


Promoting Pork with Pork Patties Will Continue

Porkburgers are big sellers at the Indiana State Fair, so it was only natural try out a branded pork patty in the meat case of retail stores. Beginning in 2016, boxes of Indiana pork patties were sold exclusively at March supermarkets. Nick Maple, chairman of the Promotions Committee of Indiana Pork,  says the program has been a tremendous success, “I feel it will continue to be a good seller going forward; and, as more and more people get the chance to enjoy it, it will continue to be a great promotional vehicle for pork.”

In each box of pork patties, there is a card with the picture and brief description of an Indiana pork producer. Maple says this is a great way to connect consumers to the people who produce their food, “It is important to get people to understand what we do in the pork industry and learn what a great product we produce in such a humane and sustainable way.” Maple hopes to expand the program to get the pork patties in other stores besides just Marsh.

He said another big promotional effort this year will be the promotion of bacon, “Everything you see today has bacon on it: bacon ice cream, bacon maple syrup, even alcohol that is bacon flavored.  It is a great product.” Indiana pork will be involved in several bacon related activities in 2017.