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Protect Against SDS and SCN With Saltro® Fungicide Seed Treatment


As soybean growers prepare for planting this season, they’ll be looking for the best option to get their crop out of the ground quickly and protect their crop from yield robbing diseases like Sudden Death Syndrome.

“Sudden Death Syndrome is one of the top yield robbing diseases that we have in the US,” says Kevin Scholl, agronomy service representative with Syngenta. He adds that SDS can cause up to 50 percent yield loss in a field.

“The symptomologies appear earlier and more severe when it occurs in combination with SCN (Soybean Cyst Nematode) infection. This is due to a couple reasons. The SCN opens up the soybean root to allow the infection of the SDS pathogen. Also, these nematodes weaken and stress the plant because it’s a parasite too, and that will also increase the chance of infection from SDS.”

Scholl says Saltro® fungicide seed treatment will help growers continue planting earlier and offer their soybeans the best defense against SDS and nematodes.

“We need to set a good foundation against both SDS and SCN. Growers should consider upgrading to Saltro® fungicide seed treatment. Saltro® delivers great SDS protection while also providing a robust nematode activity. Unlike older technologies, Saltro® provides superior SDS protection without the negative effect of early-season crop stress, helping soybeans reach their full genetic yield potential. Saltro® provides a 4-bushel yield advantage over the market standard under SDS pressure according to many trials that we’ve had over the U.S.

Always read and follow label instructions. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties.

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