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Pumpkin Supply Adequate for 2016 Season


Pumpkin Supply Adequate for 2016 Season

It is the time of year for pumpkins. Whether it is a pumpkin for carving, baking, or for your pumpkin spice latte, there will be enough pumpkins to go around this year. Last year the U.S. pumpkin crop was the smallest since the USDA started keeping records, but this year is a different story. “We have no reports of any harvest problems or supply shortfall on pumpkins,” said  USDA economist Greg Astill.

Illinois tops the nation in pumpkin production, but most of those gourds go for processing.  Other top pumpkins states include Ohio, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, and New York.  Most of Indiana’s pumpkins are specialty pumpkins used for jack-o-lanterns or decorations. Astill says those pumpkins fetch a much higher price, “The standard jack-o-lantern sells for about $127 for a 24 inch bin, while some of the specialty pumpkins like Blue pumpkins and fairy tale pumpkins can run as high as $270 for a 24 inch bin.” Astill says pumpkin prices tend to fall the later in the season you buy them, but then so does the selection.

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