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Purdue Ag Club Learning Outside the Classroom



On Friday a group of Purdue students with various majors within the College of Agriculture traveled the state to learn more about communicating agriculture. On their industry tour members of the Purdue chapter of Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow met with Indiana corn, soybean and beef organizations, and stopped at both the Lafayette and Zionsville headquarters of Hoosier Ag Today.

“We have a lot of Ag Communication majors in our club,” says Hannah Tucker, President of Purdue ACT and Communications Coordinator at the national level, “but we’re not just for Ag Com students. We are trying to help other kids and other majors learn how to communicate about hot topics in agriculture. So, we have majors in ag econ, ag business, animal science, so we really just want to provide them with networking opportunities, opportunities to learn more about issues in ag and develop their communications skills in general.”

The advisor for Purdue ACT (@PurdueAgCommas) is Elizabeth Byers-Doten, also the academic, scholarship, and career advisor for Agricultural Communication students. She told HAT she likes to push students to get more out of the Purdue experience through involvement outside the classroom.

“Being involved in student organizations, whether it be Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow or dairy club or the goat club, or any of the organizations on campus, it’s really beneficial to students’ future success,” she told HAT. “This allows them to branch out a little bit, not from just studying classes, doing homework, writing papers, etc. They’re able to meet fellow students, they’re able to learn from their experiences, and then they’re able to meet professionals by either going to events or participating in activities across campus.”

Purdue ACT officers attended the Ag Media Summit earlier this year. For Tucker, a senior, it’s on to the National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention in November, and many Purdue students will head to Kansas City the first of November for the 2017 Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference, according to Byers-Doten.

“The I think there are around 80 students who are going to be riding a big tour bus out to Kansas City and they’ll meet with employers out there, just learn from general leaders in the industry, and so it’s a huge professional development conference that lasts a couple days. I think we have around ten students just going from our small department.”