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Purdue College of Agriculture Launches New Online Graduate Certificate

Purdue University’s College of Agriculture recently launched a new online spatial data science graduate certificate. The nine-month program is designed for learners with a bachelor’s degree looking to gain technical expertise to broaden the scope of their current job or obtain professional advancement.

The program is cross-disciplinary and draws on instruction from agronomy, forestry and natural resources and agricultural and biological engineering.

“The college has a strength in spatial data science, across departments and disciplines,” said Shawn Donkin, assistant dean for research and graduate education. “The certificate will help learners gain knowledge and develop a number of skills in geographic information systems, geopositioning, remote sensing, manipulation and evaluation of environmental data and principles of landscape ecology.”

“We see participants using this certificate in many different ways,” said Joe Anderson, director of distance education for the College of Agriculture. “If they work for a seed company, for example, then they might use data collection on crop characteristics and yield components to instruct clientele how to plant them. By the end of the program they will understand how you take environmental and other relevant data from a variety of sources and use that to create meaningful solutions.”

Registration for the certificate program is open and courses begin Jan. 13. Anderson and Donkin said there is regional and national demand for this kind of online education and they hope it will also attract international students. Donkin added that the program is designed for those who might be place-bound or have to work around personal and professional obligations to advance their education.

“Some of the jobs we are preparing students for with this certificate aren’t even imagined yet,” Donkin continued. “Our hope is to equip them for the future. We know these skills and tools are becoming increasingly important in a wide range of professions.”

For more information about the spatial data science graduate certificate visit https://bit.ly/2LggthV.

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