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Purdue Extension’s Updated Corn, Soybean Guide Now Available


The 2016 edition of Purdue Extension’s Corn and Soybean Field Guide is now available at Extension’s The Education Store.The new edition includes updated information on nitrogen rate guidelines and timing for nematode scouting. “We added timeframe tables to our nematode section to provide producers guidance on when to sample their fields for nematodes, which can feed on the roots of corn and soybeans and remove nutrients from the plant, resulting in significant damage,” said Corey Gerber, director of Purdue’s Crop Diagnostic Training and Research Center.

The pocket-sized guide provides expert guidance and practical information on all stages of corn and soybean production from planting up to harvest. It includes reference websites for fertilizer and pesticide recommendations, as well as color photographs for pest identification and crop growth staging. Other sections cover nutrient deficiencies, soil fertility and herbicide damage.

Individual copies of the guide are available at The Education Store for $9. Bulk orders of 25 are available for $202.50. To order, go to https://edustore.purdue.edu/item.asp?Item_Number=ID-179 or call 888-398-4636, extension 46794.