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 Pushing Hard to Finish Harvest


 Pushing Hard to Finish Harvest

Less than ideal weather has made the last 20% of the corn harvest and 12% of the soybean harvest very difficult to get. T.C. Hoffman, with DuPont Pioneer, says guys are pushing hard to wrap things up, “There is still crops in the field, but we are getting to the end of things.” According to the latest USDA numbers, corn was 79% harvested in the North, 78% in Central, and 86% in the South. Soybeans were 93% harvested in the North. The Eastern part of the state has the most crop still in the field. “I saw many farmers really pushing it this past weekend to get in and get finished ahead of this week’s rain,” noted Hoffman.

Last week, the USDA said Indiana corn yields were higher than previously forecast. Hoffman says most corn fields have been a surprise, “I was really surprised how well some of the replanted corn yielded.” It is a little different on the soybean side, “The soybeans are variable: some yields in the 70s and some in the 40s.” He noted that later planted, short season, soybean varieties did not do well with the lack of rain in August.

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