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Put Up a Shield Against Disease in Corn in 2017



jessica-simmonsCorn and soybean yields varied quite a bit in 2016 across Indiana, but one thing is very evident. Where disease was kept in check, yields improved dramatically. Planning for the next growing season means farmers must determine if it pays to take appropriate measures against disease.

Among the options to consider is the DEKALB® Disease Shield™ portfolio of products that combines high yielding genetics and protection against yield-robbing diseases. Jessica Simmons with Monsanto says six new products will be in the portfolio for next year.

“Disease Shield is really taking the exclusive high performing genetics of DEKALB and enhancing it with greater disease protection,” she said. “For example, in Indiana, growers are seeing about a 15.4 bushel per acre yield advantage. So, it’s huge, and very effective in that state.”

It’s proven that disease is sucking yield right out of corn fields. Simmons says Disease Shield hybrids are demonstrating that they offer better standability and optimal plant health.

“Anytime you can start combating that and letting your plants thrive and grow, especially early on, the better yield results you’re going to have. Disease Shield has really been a highly effective product line for farmers to really maximize their acres.”

She added Disease Shield genetics are available in new hybrids only, but farmers might want to think about making a switch in 2017, at least on some designated acres.

“We really encourage people to try new products whenever possible because those technological advances are going to make a difference,” she said. “I know it’s harder in years when commodity prices are low, but you’re really going to see the value for your investment.”

Simmons told HAT despite the weather variations during this growing season, the DEKALB brand performed well.

“There’s always going to be some variations based on weather. We can’t control everything, but DEKALB really stands for performance and consistency. The genetics and that type of consistency that farmers can count on is really what they’re getting when they buy a DEKALB product, so even in wet or dry years, our hybrids still perform.”

Simmons is Asgrow/DEKALB Regional Marketing Manager.