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Rain Moves Through This Weekend and Early Next Week


Our wide-open harvest window does close, for at least a brief time, as we move through the weekend. It’s time now for the Seed Genetics Direct Harvest Weather Forecast with Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin. Seed Genetics Direct is the Eastern Corn Belt’s fastest-growing independent seed company. Visit seedgeneticsdirect.com to get your Seed Guide with pricing!

Martin’s forecast calls for nice, dry weather through midday Saturday.

“But we do have clouds building as we move through Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening, and that will bring some moisture in here in the form of scattered showers from Saturday evening right on through Sunday. Statewide, I don’t think we’re looking at a huge problem. We’re probably looking at moisture totals anywhere from a quarter to 3 quarters of an inch, but I think a large part of the state will be half an inch or less out of that rain event.”

Clouds linger Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week, “And we are having to put a little bit of moisture in the forecast, especially over central and southern Indiana, each and every one of those days,” says Martin.

“Coverage is not great, but we cannot wave the all clear flag either. I think we have a chance for moisture combined totals for a few days anywhere from a tenth to maybe another half an inch additional, especially in the southern half of the state.”

Martin believes we’ll get some harvest in between some of those hit-and-miss showers throughout next week, but we can’t wave the “all clear” flag on moisture until next weekend.

“Friday, Saturday, and Sunday should be mostly sunny and dry. And then as we move into the week of the 11th, we probably see a frontal boundary working in around the 12th, that’s Tuesday, giving a chance of showers and storms behind that. Much cooler and drier for the balance of the 11 to 16-day forecast window.”

The Seed Genetics Direct Harvest Weather Forecast is also presented by First Farmers Bank & Trust, Ceres Solutions and Beck’s Hybrids.