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More Rain but Planting Windows Could Open



Ryan Martin

Indiana seemed to be drying out this week as the state enjoyed sunny, windy conditions, and temperatures were finally warming too. With rain hitting many locations Thursday, some of those rains very heavy, it’s time to start the process all over again so the planting equipment can finally get a good stretch in the fields. In the new planting forecast sponsored by the Indiana Corn and Indiana Soybean Checkoffs and First Farmers Bank and Trust, HAT chief meteorologist Ryan Martin says there are some windows of dry weather in our future.

“The question is, are those windows big enough? That really comes down to how much rain falls in each of the next couple of rain events,” he explained. “We saw our big action Thursday night, but now we have another round of scattered light precipitation that tries to come across the Hoosier state on Sunday night into early Monday morning. Right now we project only a few hundredths of an inch to a few tenths, 60 percent coverage across the state of Indiana, a couple of dry days then early next week. I’m watching the Tuesday night to Wednesday period very, very closely. If we can get away with little to no action there, we could put together a dry window that goes all the way through next Sunday.”

Temperatures are also a large part of the spring planting picture.

“Of course, warm air can move moisture a little quicker and easier than cold air. Finally we saw temperatures climb this past week, and we are expecting temperatures to be normal to above normal through most of the upcoming week as well. The warmest temperatures are coming this weekend with highs easily in the mid 80’s. It could be the warmest push of air we’ve seen in almost eight months.”

Martin says the extended forecast has a mix of conditions hitting Indiana.

“The 11-14-day period starting after Memorial Day weekend looks a little bit wet to start. I think we can pick up some decent moisture, maybe upwards of an inch, 2 inches if thunderstorms come together right. Then we will be looking at a drier push again from late May into early June. The first full week of June is up for debate and way too far out to try and nail down now.”

The planting forecast is a regular planting season feature on HAT, brought to you by the Indiana Corn and Indiana Soybean Checkoffs and First Farmers Bank and Trust.