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Rain Returns Next Week


We’ve had a great stretch of harvest weather of late, but that might be coming to an end. That according to HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin in our first harvest weather forecast of the season. It’s brought to you by Beck’s, dedicated to serving a community of farmers who love what they do and are proud to be farmers at heart; First Farmer’s Bank and Trust, proudly serving local farmers and agribusiness for 135 years; and by the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Soybean Alliance.

Martin says we should have a dry weekend, but an active precipitation pattern is developing in the Canadian prairies that will eventually head our way.

“The clouds increase ahead of this front as we move through the Sunday night period. We’re looking at a few scattered showers Monday and then we see the biggest rains coming up from thunderstorms that develop along the tail end of that front in the plains and shoot towards us on Tuesday. All told, I think we can pick up anywhere from probably a tenth or two on the low end to maybe three quarters of an inch or more on the high end. It really comes down to where the thunderstorms breakout.”

Behind that system comes cooler temperatures.

“I think as we move through the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday timeframe this week coming up, you’re going to see a marked change in air mass; one that’s much cooler. I will even say for Thursday and Friday below normal. Now, that still doesn’t impact us too badly. As long as the air is dry, we should see good evaporation. But remember, cool air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air, so how much can you evaporate in a given day? I think that’s going to go down as well here for the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday period with the cool air in play. The one thing that may help is I think we will see an uptick in winds.”

Martin says he is not worried about a freeze event.

“There is some concern about frost and freeze a little bit farther north up into Michigan. That’s right where the high-pressure dome is going to be sitting, but I think Indiana southward, the worst we’re going to do is 40 degrees.”

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