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More Rain in the Week Ahead


More Rain in the Week Ahead

Ryan Martin

HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says the good news is that we’re ahead of schedule with planting in many parts of the state. The bad news is that if you’re not done, good planting windows might be hard to come by in the near-term.

“We’re going to put together about 3.5 days of rain back-to-back-to-back. Our next dry window comes in late Monday afternoon going through Tuesday, but that’s going to be about it.”

Martin projects rain totals over the next few days to be anywhere between a quarter inch to maybe an inch and a half if we see thunderstorms. He says most of the state will see rain at least a couple of times between now and Monday afternoon.

“Mid-week next week brings another chance of rain. Totals probably a few hundredths of an inch all the way up to 3 quarters in the right spot with coverage about 70 percent. And then we actually see another weather system trying to come in as we go into the first part of the Memorial Day holiday weekend. We’ll follow that up with another system, maybe, as we get toward June 4 or so. So, we see slightly bigger windows of opportunity the farther out we go in the forecast window. We also think those windows of opportunity could close as we get closer to them.”

This week’s planting forecast made possible by First Farmers Bank and Trust, Proudly Serving Local Farmers, and by Kokomo Grain.