Dry period ending

The rains in Indiana have not been as significant as predicted just a week ago but rain continues in forecasts this weekend and next week, likely causing further planting delays in the state. During this brief break from the rain, has there been some helpful drying in the wet areas? Hoosier Ag Today meteorologist Ryan Martin says probably not.

“Some of those wet areas did dry some, but I don’t think it’s enough that we can say it’s helpful at this point. I do know some planters started to roll on Tuesday afternoon up in the northern part of the state, some very sandy soils up that way and those were areas I would say weren’t excessively wet anyway. When I’m thinking of the worst hit areas I’m thinking the southern third of the state and then over in east-central Indiana, basically from Decatur down toward Richmond. Those are areas that just got hammered with an inch or two and then another inch on top of that. We did see drying there, no doubt about it. Evaporation rates have been in that .18 to almost two-tenths of an inch per day over the past two days.”

RyanMartinpngRain chances start up again Thursday and Friday, but those totals won’t amount to much.

“We had some moisture to start the week off but the action that’s trying to develop for Thursday and Friday looks really wimpy in my view. I think as we go through Thursday the best areas for precipitation will be the southern third of the state again, and even there we’re only looking for probably two to three-tenths. We’re talking a few hundredths pretty much over the rest of the state, and even with the hundredths I think we’re still talking statewide rain coverage out of this event over the next 24-36 hours of at best 65-70 percent of the state.”

But any rain that has been taken out of forecasts late this week is being added in to Martin’s Monday forecast. He is now looking for anywhere from .2 to .7 of an inch with nearly 100% of the state at risk of rainfall, mainly Monday. Then there is a cool trend that sets in Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by a warm-up and heavy rain possibilities starting late next week.