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Rainy Weekends Sandwich a Dry Week


Rainy Weekends Sandwich a Dry Week

The planting forecast is made possible by First Farmers Bank and Trust, Proudly Serving Local Farmers, and by Kokomo Grain. HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says that this weekend might bring a bit more rain to Indiana.

“I’m looking for scattered showers to come through overnight Saturday night for about the first half of the day on Sunday. Admittedly, the precipitation outbreak this weekend is much better, much stronger, farther to the east. I think Ohio could be looking at half to maybe one-inch rainfall totals with some thunderstorms, but across Indiana, at this point, I think we’re looking at anywhere from a few hundredths to .4 of an inch. But it all is done by probably mid to late morning on Sunday.”

Martin says after that we should have a good window for fieldwork next week.

“We’re going to put together a dry period most of next week. We continue to watch a minor trough trying to rotate through next Thursday into Friday. I don’t think it has moisture with it with any kind of serious side effect, but we’ll want to see if there’s any development. Temperatures should be normal to above normal during the period, good evaporation rates, excellent dry down.”

Martin says another front will try to move in next weekend from Saturday into Sunday.

“This one looks a little bit more impressive than maybe it did several days ago. I think part of it’s due to the fact that our front on Thursday is lacking the energy needed, so all that goes into the weekend event. I’m looking for a quarter to maybe half an inch of rain there. Enough to slow progress just a little more; however, you can probably finish things up in the next week to 10 days.”