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Ready Set Go, when Planting Window Opens


Ready Set Go, when Planting Window Opens

Dan ritter

A warm, dry weekend helped fields dry and perhaps even some planting got done.  The week also starts out drier before more rain moves into Indiana late Tuesday night. Soil temperatures in some areas are still below 50 degrees, but Dan Ritter with Brodbeck Seeds says that should not hold you back form planting, “The calendar says it is planting time so, if your soil is dry and workable, then I would not worry too much about the soil temperature.”  He said soil conditions should be a major concern, “If soil is fit, then let’s go and put some seed in the ground.”

Ritter said some areas are dry while other areas of the state are still too wet. He says that growers should not panic and that no changes are needed yet in your cropping plans, “Stay with what has made you successful in the past. With the equipment we have, if we can get 12 to 14 good days, we can get most of this crop in the ground.”

Ritter does say the cool, wet conditions will likely lead to a greater chance of seedling blight this year, “That is why I recommend a seed treatment on soybeans.” He added a fungicide seed treatment is standard on Brodbeck seed corn.

Brodbeck Seeds will be presenting agronomy updates throughout the growing season, here on Hoosier Ag Today.