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Readying Statehouse Support for Health Care Changes



Indiana Farm Bureau president Randy Kron has now made clear the organization is working diligently to effect change to Indiana law so they can offer better health care products at better prices to sole proprietors. Legally, the single insured farmer is the sticking point.

“We have to be able to get down to an individual policy,” he told HAT. “Seventy-three percent told us they have no employees, so that means a lot of other plans are made for employer-employee relationships and you have to have two employees or two policy-holders. So, those plans won’t help them.”

So, Farm Bureau’s plan is to get state law changed, if only just a little, and they’re working to get legislation introduced in the upcoming session starting in January, “that will allow us to bring some innovative products to market,” Kron said. “Our advantage is with the Farm Bureau network, fifty states and 51 with Puerto Rico. We’ve talked with Tennessee and Kansas who have brought some innovative products, and we’ll probably be partnering with some of them to help bring these products. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel on this one if they’ve already done it.”

And Kron says there is a legislative starting point being put together now.

“It’s probably a couple of days too soon, but we have somebody committed to carry the bill for us in the Senate and we have multiple people willing to sign on. I feel good about it, but it is still going to be a huge lift because this is not an easy undertaking. I equate it to what we did four years ago with the property tax, and the grassroots movement is what made that happen, everybody showing up at the statehouse every day. That’s what this one is going to take too, but we are working on it and I actually had an excellent conversation with the governor last night about it.”

Kron said Governor Eric Holcomb was receptive to the idea although he needs more information. With a long way to a bill being passed and sent to the governor, Kron says Indiana Farm Bureau members need to stay engaged on this issue.