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Reebok to Manufacture Shoes Made from Corn


Reebok will begin making shoes from corn and organic cotton later this year. The initiative is an effort to create more sustainable products. A Reebok spokesperson states, “Reebok is trying to clean up the entire life cycle of shoe making.” Reebok says the sole of the new shoe will be made with petroleum-free, non-toxic, industrial-grown corn, while the body of the shoe will be made with 100 percent organic cotton. The line is part of the company’s Corn + Cotton initiative. Both the cotton and corn in Reebok’s new shoes are compostable; and, by composting the shoes after use, the compost can become part of the soil to grow new materials for the next “range of shoes.” Currently, most shoes are made with oil-based plastics.

Both Nike and Adidas have similar initiatives to create sustainable and recyclable shoes.
Source: NAFB News Service