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Reflecting on Importance of Agriculture


Day after day, Americans walk into grocery stores throughout the country to buy food and other products that provide sustenance for their families. It’s safe to say that life in the checkout lane has become a regular custom in neighborhoods everywhere. On this National Ag Day, we should all pause, especially here in Indiana, to think for a moment about where the aisles and aisles of food originate and the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.

Many of the popular products you see at your grocery store have origins on farms that span all corners of the Hoosier state. A few recent statistics support this statement. In 2015, Indiana ranked fifth in the nation for the production of corn and soybeans. According to the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Indiana ranks 10th nationally in agricultural sales.

Our corn and soybean farm families work hard every day to produce crops on their land to provide consumers with options. They also look for new uses for their products for the benefit of consumers.

The result is a vibrant agriculture industry that feeds a growing economy.

So next time you grab that box of cereal, grill a pork chop or reach for a bottle of vegetable oil, be proud of what Hoosier farmers are doing to provide for the overall health of agriculture in our great country.
Jane Ade Stevens is chief executive officer of the Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana Corn Marketing Council, and Indiana Corn Growers Association