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Reggie is “World’s Largest Hog” at Indiana State Fair


ReggieThe Stockdale family of Chelsea, Ind., knows how to grow some large hogs.  They swept the top two spots in the World’s Largest Hog competition at the Indiana State Fair.  Their male hog, Reggie, took the title by tipping the scales at 1,205 pounds.  He also won the title in 2011. The 6 year-old Red Wattle beat out his half-brother, Ace, by 35 pounds in what has become a very large sibling rivalry.  The ‘big genes’ have also been passed on to the next generation as Reggie has a son who is well on his way to becoming the next World’s Largest Hog.  He is already weighing in at 900 pounds.


Raising these ginormous swine is a family effort.  Rick Stockdale, his wife, their three sons and their grandfather all have a hand taking care of these pigs.  They attribute their hogs’ large stature to a ‘special’ diet.


“Reggie likes to eat produce, breads, corn and donuts,” William Stockdale, Rick’s young son, said.  “Chocolate donuts are his favorite.”


The family didn’t plan on having the World’s Largest Male Hog when they bought him four years ago, but now they wouldn’t have it any other way.  Reggie will spend the rest of the State Fair in a labeled pen near the west entrance of the Swine Barn.