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RFA to Senators: E15 the Answer, Not the Problem


Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker and Louisiana Senator David Vitter have introduced legislation to block the introduction of E15. According to the Senators – allowing E15 into the marketplace would have a negative impact on families and businesses. But Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen says the legislation is clearly fueled by emotion and loyalty to home state oil constituents. He says oil companies are panicked because ethanol now represents 10-percent of the American fuel supply and are fighting to preserve their monopoly, their unfair and outrageously expensive tax credits and their record-breaking profits.

Dinneen says RFA and the ethanol producers it represents would welcome a chance to meet with Wicker and Vitter to explain the benefits of E15 and dispel myths. He says the fact is that E15 is the most tested fuel in history and expanded use of the fuel will mean healthier people and a cleaner environment. In addition – Dinneen says ethanol displaces many of the toxins and carcinogens found in traditional gasoline while delivering benefits such as a 35 to 49-percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

If improving conditions for families and businesses is a primary concern – then Dinneen says ethanol is the answer – not the problem. Dinneen notes the ethanol industry created and supported 380-thousand jobs across the country in 2012. He says ethanol is also providing fuel choice and savings at the pump – delivering a savings of $1.09 per gallon last year.


Source: NAFB News Service