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Rural King Stores Open and Serving Farmers


Rural King Stores Open and Serving Farmers

The COVID-19 Pandemic is having an impact on Indiana’s farm supply chain. Rural King stores are one of the major suppliers to farmers and rural communities, and CEO Alex Melvin says the stores are open.

“We are going to stay open. We are going to be there for farmers, for their livestock, and to help them get this crop planted for 2020.”

Agriculture has been designated as an essential industry by the Department of Homeland Security and, thus, can continue to operate.

Melvin says they are taking steps to keep both their employees and customers safe during the virus outbreak such as, “We are cleaning every hour on the hour. We are wiping down our shopping carts with bleach and water every hour.”

He told HAT it has been a challenge to keep up with the demand for certain items like, “Cleaning supplies and toilet paper for sure and chickens. Most of our stores are out of baby chicks, but we are going to restock.”

He added chick starter feed has also been hard to keep in stock.

Unlike some urban stores, Rural King is keeping the shelves stocked.

“We are working hard to keep stores stocked. Just today, we shipped out 150 trucks to our 120 stores,” Melvin said. He added that Rural King has their own fleet of trucks and warehouses, and, “We are restocking hard.”

He added that rumors on social media have circulated that the stores are closed but that is not the case.

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