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Rural Road Safety during Planting Season is Everyone’s Responsibility



Hoosier Ag Today and the Indiana State Department of Agriculture are unveiling a new planting safety video. We collaborated on this project to promote a safe spring on rural roads for ALL Hoosiers, according to ISDA Director Bruce Kettler.

“We want to keep the general public obviously safe as they’re moving around vehicles, and of course as farmers are busy doing the things that are going to benefit all of us in terms of raising food, fuel and fiber for all of us, we want to make sure that they’re safe as well,” he said. “As we all know the equipment tends to be pretty large, so I think it’s important for the general public to understand that the visibility and being able to see everyone on the road is not easy, and then more importantly giving farmers a chance to have time if they need to make turns or if they need to find a safe place to pull over is super critical. Sometimes we just don’t think about giving them that space and time.”

Awareness and patience can go a long way toward creating safe rural roadways this spring. If motorists can be patient, travel results will be much better.

“And that’s hard for all of us I think to do, me included when we get busy and get on the road,” Kettler said. “But it really does requite patience and making sure that as we’re looking ahead as we’re driving to know that there’s a piece of equipment that either we’re coming upon or that may be coming toward us, and know that we’ve got to give them time and space to be sure that they can maneuver and that we can maneuver around them if we need to.”

Remember just seconds or at the most a few minutes spent being patient around farm equipment, is much better than making a life-threatening maneuver on the road. You can see the safety video at the ISDA, INDOT, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, and Indiana State Police websites, in addition to and social media channels.

Thanks to Alan Kemper and Kemper Farms south of Lafayette for use of their property, machinery and backdrops.

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