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Russia Bans Ag Imports


Russia has banned agriculture imports from any country that has put sanction on Russia, which includes the United States.  The full list of products banned was to be published Today (Thursday). However, Russian media reported all products from the U.S. will be banned.   American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman said in a statement “It is unfortunate that the biggest losers in this will be Russian consumers, who will pay more for their food now as well as in the long run.”  The move follows the latest round of sanctions against Russia imposed by the EU last week, which for the first time targeted entire sectors of the Russian economy.

The Associated Press reported Russia depends heavily on imported foodstuffs – most of it from the West – particularly in the largest and most prosperous cities such as Moscow. Food and agricultural imports from the U.S. amounted to $1.3 billion last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and in 2013 the EU’s agricultural exports to Russia totaled 11.8 billion euros, or $15.8 billion.