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Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for April 24, 2019


We have a bit of a break in action to start the day today, and as odd as it sounds, we actually will be starting the day off today with High pressure in the far NE corner of the state. This will move quickly and quietly away, with south winds coming up the backside of the high. Scattered showers start to nose into SW Indiana around midday to early afternoon, and then action spreads into the western and central parts of the state from there. By this evening, showers and thunderstorms will be spread over a large part of Indiana, and they continue to work through overnight tonight and through most of tomorrow. We are going to leave rain totals alone at .25”-1” with 80% coverage. However, to get into the upper part of that rain range, you will need a thunderstorm or two…and the thunderstorm potential does not look quite as good this morning compared to yesterday. We are not ruling them out…but rather think that over half the areas that see rain tonight through tomorrow will be in the lower half to third of our anticipated rain range.

No significant changes to the forecast for the rest of the week and this weekend. We have a mix of clouds and sun for Friday, with slightly cooler air behind the Thursday’s cold frontal passage. Sun starts Saturday, but clouds quickly move in. Scattered showers arrive in NW Indiana Saturday early afternoon, and action comes across the rest of the state through Saturday overnight. We are looking at .1”-.5” rains over 80% of the state. We should turn out partly sunny for Sunday.

Monday still is the kick off to a wetter pattern. We are making some changes, though, that brings rain farther south and allows for more intense rain over a larger area. Rain on Monday can stretch to well south of I-70, and we can see rain totals of .25”- 1.5” with coverage at 80%. Scattered showers linger next Tuesday adding a few hundredths to a tenth or two then rains pick up frequency and intensity again next Wednesday with another threat of .25”-1.5” over 70% of the state. Strong thunderstorms are possible both on Monday and Wednesday helping to push totals into the upper half of the range. Showers linger south of I-70 next Thursday, but skies turn out partly sunny up north. The map has an updated look at the cumulative 10 day rain potential

Partly to mostly sunny and dry weather finish the week next week on Friday and Saturday (3rd and 4th). But the rest of the extended 11-16 day period is wetter, with scattered showers for Sunday afternoon, continuing through Wednesday (8th). We will keep coverage at 60% still for Sunday and Monday with rain totals of .25”-.5” each day and look for full 100% coverage of rain on Tuesday the 7th with totals again in the .25”-.5” range. Scattered showers for Wednesday the 8th bring a few hundredths to a quarter inch, but only 40% coverage. There is nothing in our outlook this morning that changes our thoughts about limited planting progress well into May.

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