Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for December 21, 2017

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for December 21, 2017


Only a couple more mild days before we see an unleashing of cold air that we have not yet seen this season. Today looks very nice, with temps above normal, winds slowly switching around to the west-southwest, and a decent amount of sunshine. However, tomorrow, even though we stay mild, we have clouds starting to push in and we have to keep the umbrellas handy, as scattered, light precipitation develops. We are looking at a few hundredths to no more than a tenth in spots, but still, it’s a change in the overall pattern.

We continue to focus on Friday night as things start to get more active. Scattered showers pick up in intensity over southern Indiana and moisture spreads north. However, we see the best moisture staying farther south this morning, and even the rain totals do not look as interesting. The heavy, 1 inch rains stay south of the Ohio River. Combined, we will lower the bottom end of the range to .1” and leave the top end up near 1 inch for now. However, our gut feeling is that .1”-.5” is a better way to call this, and the northern third of the state may escape with little to no additional rain from Friday night through Saturday midday. The map above is a new look at combined potential action through Saturday.

Sunday (Christmas Eve), much colder air is blasting into the state. The first half of the day is dry, but we see moisture arriving Sunday night, and it continues into Christmas Day on Monday. In the cold air, we are looking at all snow. Right now the snows look a little better. We are still about 12-24 hours removed from releasing our official totals, but we could see a few inches in there, enough for a white Christmas in many parts of the state. Still, the bigger story is the cold air that arrives and stays then all through the week.

We are dry and very cold for Tuesday through Thursday. Temps will be well below normal. Then a clipper system rotates through the state for Thursday night and Friday, bringing potential for several inches of snow. This will be ahead of a stronger system lifting out of the southern plains for the start of New Year’s weekend. Temperatures remain very cold right on through into the New Year.

In the extended period, we have another clipper for late the 1st into the 2nd that brings snows out of the Great Lakes right across the region. WE follow that with a cold front for the 3rd into the 4th that can also trigger several inches of snow. The cold holds through at least the first third of January.