After an evening of rain and thunderstorms on Monday, Tuesday will see more rain in the forecast, but the chances are it’ll be a bit more spotty in coverage area through the morning and again showing up in the afternoon. There will be some dry time in there on Tuesday, but the risk of some severe weather moving back into Indiana hits on Wednesday, possibly lasting into early Thursday. From I-70 northward, rain totals will likely be .25-1” of rain. They’ll see lesser totals south of I-70, but there is still time for the track to change a bit so stay tuned. Gusty winds are a good possiblity both today and tomorrow, topping near 30 at times. There is a risk for some severe weather in the forecast on Wednesday afternoon and evening. Moisture is going to sag southward again on Thursday afternoon with totals of .25-.5” of rain and statewide coverage of 70%. Rains should be done for good by sundown on Thursday. Temps will start the day Friday in the upper 30s with a few light snowflakes possible. The rest of Friday will dry out and set things up for a much warmer and drier weekend.