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Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for December 27, 2016


After a very soggy holiday weekend, we are trending a little drier over the state today. Cooler air comes in from the NW, and we see temps today a good 25-30 degrees cooler than yesterday. However, keep in mind…yesterday’s temps were a good 30-35 degrees above normal! So, it’s basically a drift back closer to normal on our temps for this week. We have no major precipitation threats through the day today and most of tomorrow.

A nice system will be passing by mostly south of the OH river overnight Wednesday into Thursday. This system will have good rains south of us, but we have to keep the door open for some minor rains over the state overnight tomorrow night into early Thursday. These rains will be mostly a few hundredths to at most .2”, and coverage will be only about 40% of the state. The best chances will be in southeast and east central parts of the state. The rains should be gone easily by Thursday morning after sunrise.

Dry for the balance of Thursday, Friday and into Saturday. We do have a system that will be developing for the state over the holiday weekend, but it will likely have its biggest impacts for Monday the 2nd, with rains that can be from .25”-.75”. Coverage will be nearly 100%. Ahead of those rains, clouds build for later Saturday and Sunday and we can’t rule out some hit and miss precipitation, although coverage will be minor.

Next week behind the front we see colder air trying to reassert itself once again. There is a chance for some light snows toward next Thursday the 5th, and then better precipitation potential for the following weekend. Over all, the pattern is only moderately active over the next 10 days and we do not see any bitter cold air coming back just yet. However, models show significant cold air pooling to the northwest, and we expect it to unleash over the eastern part of the country as we move closer to the 10th.