Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for July 25, 2017

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for July 25, 2017


No changes to the near term forecast, and honestly, the only changes to this entire forecast this morning come in the extended period. So, short, sweet and easy is the name of the game this morning.

Continued dry today with strong high pressure slowly easing off to the east. We should see plenty of sun through tomorrow with winds transitioning to the south. Good drying continues through tomorrow night.

Our next front arrives Thursday morning in NW Indiana, about 6 hours sooner than our previous forecast, but that quicker arrival also leads to a quicker exit. The action pushes south and east through the day and should be done in NW Indiana in time for a nice sunset, ending overnight in central and southern Indiana. We are leaving rain totals alone at .25”-.75” over about 90% of the state. Thunderstorms risk is much lower now out of this front, even in southern Indiana, so our concern about some 1”+ spots of rain has lessened dramatically. The map above is a snapshot of the rain potential around midday Thursday.

Dry from this Friday all the way through next Friday. Near normal temps will be in to finish this week but gradual warming will take temps to above normal levels by late next week. The Sunshine will dominate and we see excellent dry down potential.

The other system we are watching in our forecast comes in the extended period from late the 4th on through the 6th. That is the biggest change in our forecast, as that system seems to get strung out somewhat and have a little more moisture with it. We don’t think the front actually lasts 2 whole days, but that model likely are having some difficulty with the timing at this point. WE think the best rains may come from the 5th into the 6th. WE will leave rain totals alone right now at half an inch but will boost coverage to nearly 90% of the state again. This system looks to have a nice sweeping movement to it. WE will zero in on timing and finesse the rain total with this system a few days from now.

Behind that system, dry weather again is in play over the state, with strong high pressure back for the 7th, 8th and 9th. But, this high has origins more in the plains and Canadian prairies, meaning it should be a warmer/hotter high, and will bring back concern about well above normal temps toward the middle of August.