Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for June 15, 2017

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for June 15, 2017


A cold front finally sweeps through the state today. WE will see additional rains across the region, but likely smaller amounts than were triggered by some of the heavy thunderstorms the past 2 days. Action should be done by early to mid-afternoon in many areas. .25”-.75” showers of rain will be mostly what we are looking for.

This weekend we still look for two fronts to move through. Rains combined from the two waves will be half to 1.5” over about 70% of the state. Wave number 1 hits Saturday, wave two later Sunday.

No significant changes for next week. We stay dry Monday and Tuesday with high pressure in control. WE still look for a front to moves through on Wednesday, but right now it looks like the heaviest moisture will stay south of I-70. There we can see half to 2” of rain. But, from I-70 northward, we likely are closer to .25”-.5”. Coverage up north is 40% next Wednesday, 60% south of I-70. We still believe an upper-level ridge is looking to form next week and that may further weaken the system or move it south.

The extended period is dry through the 27th with a nice front looking to arrive around the 28th. Rain totals still likely are under half an inch.

Temps cooling a bit today to near normal levels, and they will stay there through the weekend. Next week we expect a nice rise in temps once again, and that likely holds through the rest of the month.

A tropical system is brewing in the Gulf and may try to move onto the Gulf coast toward midweek next week. That system may draw energy down from our midweek front, but we also will need to watch its exact track as that may be the 1 item that can either enhance or destroy the ridge formation next week.