Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for March 1, 2017

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for March 1, 2017


Rain moves into the state today and will continue through tomorrow. Rains during the daytime hours today will be relatively light and “shower-like”, giving up to a third of an inch. Heavier rains, including some thunderstorms will sag across the state from late this evening through the overnight and will finally push off to the south later tomorrow afternoon. These will bring significant rains to many areas. Cumulative totals for the 2-day event remain at .5”-2.25” with coverage at 95% of the state. Rains can lead to some localize flooding, especially in central and southern Indiana, where the heavier rains may stick around longer as the front slows.

Colder air is in on Thursday, and there may be some residual moisture left with the circulation. This may lead to a very few snowflakes over northern Indiana between midnight Wednesday night and sunrise Thursday morning, but those lead to no discernable accumulations. Through the rest of Thursday, we likely we deal with clouds, but no additional precipitation. Sunshine should be back Friday. Temps Thursday and Friday will be back closer to normal, but not dramatically below.

We start the weekend off with a little bit of light moisture for Saturday morning moving across 70% of the state. Moisture is not super impressive…with liquid equivalent of a few hundredths to perhaps .1”. But, air will be cold enough to trigger light snow and flurries over the northern third of the state, while spits and sprinkles will be more likely in central Indiana. This will actually be overrunning precipitation that forms as warm air surges northward on Saturday…and the warm air triggers the light action along a developing warm front. That means it should end quickly, and sunshine is back by midafternoon, with temps rising. That moderating push continues through Sunday.

A strong low passes by over the great lakes for Monday into Tuesday. This does not bring a direct hit of the heaviest precipitation into the state, but it will drag some moisture through. WE look for rain totals in the .1”-.4” range with coverage at 60%. Southern Indiana likely misses out on this wave. However, winds will be very strong with the circulation, and that leads to lingering wrap around moisture into and through Tuesday. With cold air re-emerging behind the system with strong NW flow, we are looking for a chance of light snow again next Tuesday morning and afternoon, mostly over the northern half to third of the state, and the best potential may end up being in NE Indiana, where the coldest air pools.

For the rest of next week, we see mostly dry air in for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with temps near normal. South winds likely try to re-develop toward the end of the week and will moderate temps a bit after the 10th.