Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for May 11, 2017

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for May 11, 2017


Rain today will be moving away. The best rain already fell last night into early this morning. We expect another .25”-.5” over about 60% of the state today. By mid to late afternoon most of the state will be done with the rain, except for extreme south and southeastern parts of the state.

Tomorrow begins a fairly dry period for the state, with the exception of far southern Indiana. Close to the river we can see a few scattered showers or sprinkles, and lots of clouds through the day tomorrow. The remaining 80% of the state should see sun work through and begin the drying. Our dry period looks like it may be able to run for 7-10 days. The only areas to watch in this period are 1) early Sunday morning over extreme northeast Indiana where we can see some clouds and perhaps a sprinkle or two, and 2) next Thursday night into early Friday morning. There, we might see a weak trough try and move through that brings a few hundredths to a tenth or two. We think that the chances of the Sunday morning event are very low at this point. Next week, we think that we have a decent chance of missing the trough as well. Our main thought is that the atmosphere will be much drier by then, the moisture with the trough is minor to weak, and evaporation may play a big role. Therefore, we think clouds may develop, but not much else. In any case, that will be the main period we will watch, because if we miss that trough, we likely can make it through Monday the 22nd before our next system arrives around the 23rd. That would be almost 11 days of dry weather. Keep your fingers crossed.

Temps will remain cool, at normal to below normal levels through today and tomorrow. WE should be near normal Saturday, and then we see significant warming from Sunday through next week. In fact, we expect temps to be above normal for the entire week next week. This should aid in drying, max the evaporation rates at around .25” of moisture per day, and allow for big gains in soil temps for the week.

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