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Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for May 2, 2017


Dry for Tuesday and most of Wednesday, although clouds will continue to rotate through the region off and on today. Temps remain cooler than normal over the entire state. WE should start to see temps moderate some tomorrow.

Rains push into southwest Indiana tomorrow late afternoon and evening and expand north for Thursday. Our forecast had kept moisture mostly south of I-70. Models now look to push that moisture farther north Thursday and through Friday, bringing 90% coverage to the state with rain totals of .25”-1.25”. This is looking to become a much bigger threat to the state and will keep the northern half of the state from seeing a longer streak of back to back to back dry days. In fact, we can see this moisture linger in parts of the state into Friday night.

Saturday we still have a weak wave moving through that can bring an additional few hundredths to .25” over about 60% of the state.

Models have taken moisture out of midweek next week. We are going to leave our forecast alone right now, looking for rains next Wednesday. They have the potential to be larger rains. We want to see how the pattern unfolds. Right now, we think that if there is a push north of rain the second half of this week, that will actually set us up with better potential to see rains come in with a front midweek next week.

Right now there looks to be very little next drying over the next 10 days.

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