Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for October 27, 2016

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for October 27, 2016


Dry weather moves back into the state today. Clouds may be a bit dominant through the first part of the day, but we should clear out quite nicely later this afternoon and tonight. That will allow cooler air to come in this evening, but we should not match the lows of earlier in the week, mostly because we see a quick move to southwest flow as we finish the week.

Dry weather continues tomorrow through most of next week. A system passes by well to our north on Sunday, hitting northern MI and southern Ontario. That may bring a few clouds into the northern part of the state, but we are keeping precipitation out of our forecast here. We look for our next front to move in late next week. However, models did try to bring a front in a little sooner on the model runs from late yesterday. In that solution, a weak trough arrives on Wednesday afternoon, and brings a few hundredths to a few tenths of rain with it. We are not changing our forecast right now, but mention that so that you are prepared, should you hear talk of midweek rains in any other forecasts. WE stay dry into Friday.

Much colder air is on the way for next weekend, behind a front, even if we do not see significant precipitation. Temps will make a solid foray into frost territory next weekend. WE have a stronger system developing for the first part of the 11-16 day forecast window, bringing .25”-1” rain potential, but the timing is still squirrely, as it comes out of the central plains. Behind that front, we likely see near normal temps for the rest of the week after next.

So, not much excitement this morning, although this dry stretch in our forecast does mean that we should see a nice window truly advance or even finish harvest over a good part of the state from now through the end of next week.