Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for September 30, 2016

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for September 30, 2016


image002Rain moves across the state from time to time today, and this may end up being the period with the most frequent showers out of the past 3 days. Still, the end is in sight, and the upper level low is starting to slowly break down and also push farther east. WE will likely be under this circulation one more day, through tomorrow, but showers will decrease in frequency and intensity. Still, we will look for combined rain totals today through tomorrow up to .7” (with some places only getting a few hundredths) and coverage at about 60%. That means there will be some drier holes out there. For all practical purposes, this forecast is unchanged this morning once again. Upper level lows don’t throw many surprises out, and they also don’t lead to big changes…you get what you get. The above map shows potential rain totals through tomorrow evening.

Drier air begins to build in Sunday, although clouds may not be quick to totally leave. In fact, Sunday could end up looking a lot like yesterday. But, we should see drying, and a pickup in breezes again. Then Monday through Wednesday will be completely dry. WE should see warmer temps with low relative humidity, and south winds. That will lead to good harvest potential statewide.

image004Our next front still is on track to sweep through for Thursday. IT remains a fast moving front, bringing rain totals of .25”-.75” with coverage at 80%. That rain will be enough to slow harvest progression for a day or two, as cooler air filters in behind the front. The associated map shows moisture late Thursday night…and it diminishes overnight.

Sun returns in full force next Friday, and then holds through the weekend and into the next week. WE like our next front closer to the 13th with .25”-.5” rains. But, the 5-6 day dry stretch will give great harvest opportunities for next weekend and the week after next. We should see temps back at normal and above normal levels for next weekend and the following week as the dry air holds.