Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for January 24, 2019

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for January 24, 2019


Much colder air is blasting into the state and we’re going see it stick around for a little while. Overall, we are going to tweak a few things here and there particularly around our next upcoming event early next week Monday into Tuesday. In the short term though, much colder today with sub-zero low’s in the north with clouds and occasional sun trying to work through. I think you’re going be kind of hamstrung by the clouds in a lot of areas with regard to the temperature. Same story tomorrow, cold, single digit highs with lows near zero. This is another very impressive push of cold air.

Our next round of precipitation will be light stuff, a couple of clippers moving through this weekend, Friday night into Saturday midday and then Saturday night through Sunday morning. A coating to an inch out of both of those. The first one is covering probably the northern half of the state and then the second one maybe 70% coverage. So some light snow but the key here is we stay cold.

On Monday clouds will be on the increase and we have snow working its way into the northern half of the state. As we move through Monday afternoon precipitation continues to work in all the way through the end of the day Tuesday. I think you’ll see rains trying to come into southern Indiana then switching back to snow. Two-day totals right now, and this is just a knee jerk, broad brush picture two to 8 inches. Rain could be a quarter to 3/10th’s of an inch down south before it goes back to snow. I’m thinking about a line from Fort Wayne down to Evansville. Go south and east of that line and that’s where you have a chance for that rain first before we go to snow. Still it looks like that Monday afternoon through Tuesday period could be somewhat of a mess.

We get bitter cold air back in on the backside, and as a matter of fact I think next Wednesday’s temperatures are probably colder than what we’re seeing today and tomorrow. We’re going to keep that very cold air in for multiple days right on through Saturday and we should get a mix of clouds and sun in there. In the extended forecast window, we’ve got some lake snow on the 3rd, then we’re pushing back our next big system with rain coming in late on the 5th and going through the 6th. I think that rain changes to snow. Liquid equivalence right now a quarter to ¾ of an inch. I do think it can mostly be liquid, but you’ll notice we’re seeing some of the top end of this moisture come back just a little bit. Maybe it’s not as wet of a system.

That would be good news, and then we go back to cold temperatures the 7th before potentially moderating just a bit on the 8th of February. It’s going to be a wild ride here and definitely very cold as we change the calendar from January into February.