Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for July 30, 2018

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for July 30, 2018


Rain moves across the state today and tomorrow. The heavier rain chances will be in today, and actually, some stronger thunderstorms already fired off in the overnight coming out of IL and into Indiana. Still, we see another chance or two of strong to severe thunderstorm action today. That is a little faster on the heavier rains than we saw in our forecast timing last Friday. Still, we are only looking at 2 days of rain here over most of the state. Tomorrow’s action will be more along the lines of scattered showers. Rain totals today and tomorrow will be a combined half to 1.5” over 80% of the state. It will take thunderstorms to get into the upper end of the range, and the 20% of the state that is not covered by that range will still likely see rain…just not quite the half inch totals. The map above shows potential rain totals through midnight tomorrow night.

For Wednesday, we see some significant wrap around on the backside of the low that moves through today and tomorrow. This may trigger additional light shower action in northeast and east-central parts of Indiana. However, the rest of the state will be dry. Clouds will be a big player in many areas, but western and southwestern Indiana have the best chance of sunshine. In the east and northeast, we won’t rule out another .25”-.33” with 40% coverage.

High pressure is here for Thursday, and we see dry weather then for Friday, the weekend, and next Monday. Temps will be cooler than normal to start but will rebound to near normal for the start of next week. Sunshine will be dominant.

Our next system arrives next Tuesday and lingers into Wednesday. Scattered showers are likely, and some stronger thunderstorms are possible. However, timing on the thunderstorms is highly variable at this time. Coverage of rain is also not as good with the current set up. But, there is plenty of time for this system to evolve. WE are looking for .25”-1.25” with 60% coverage right now. The heavier thunderstorms look to run from central to NE Indiana, but again, that is very preliminary.

In the extended period, we start off relatively benign. In fact, we have high pressure in control through the 11th and 12th. Around the 12th, we see some moisture starting to work up through the western and central corn belt. This will bring a chance of showers back to our region later on the 13th into the 14th. Moisture totals can be up to half an inch.

This pattern, if it emerges as we see this morning, will be one with “timely” rains, and mild temps. It is not threatening to any crop growth or development.