Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for June 20, 2019

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for June 20, 2019


Rains moved into parts of the state late yesterday, and they were very impressive in parts of northern Indiana. Flash Flood watches have been put out for northern areas through the end of the day today, and water was flowing very fast and hard after 2”+ rain totals in short order. Farther south and west, the rains were less intense. Showers continue today, but will be tapering off as we move through the afternoon and evening. Additional rains today will be from .25”-1”, but a lot of that will be frontloaded to this morning. Today’s rain coverage will be around 80%.


We are dry statewide tomorrow, for the entire day. Temps will try to rebound a bit with the sun, and it will feel much warmer after today’s cooler surge.


Rain is back for the weekend. We have rain potential each day, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. For Saturday and Sunday, we can see anywhere from .25”-1” both days, with coverage eat 60% Saturday and 70% Sunday. Rains Monday can be from .1”-.75” with 50% coverage. The rains Saturday skew more to the north, Sunday the heavier rains more to the southern half to third of the state, and then just a hodgepodge for Monday on coverage locations. Combined, though, we see nearly 90% of the state seeing rain over the weekend. The map above shows rain totals through next Tuesday morning.


We are a little drier in our forecast for the balance of next week. Tuesday may end up with a lingering shower or two in the morning, but the rest of the day will feature clouds giving way to sunshine. Then we stay partly to mostly sunny for next Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday we won’t completely rule out a renegade shower or two in central Indiana, but nothing significant or well organized. For Friday showers work through SW Indiana, but the rest of the state should remain partly to mostly sunny. Then on Saturday we start with sun before showers and thunderstorms reemerge for Saturday afternoon and evening.


So, overall, while the near term forecast is not great with a pattern that suggests still too much moisture, we are looking at slightly better conditions trying to develop Tuesday afternoon forward next week. But we have to see data continue to back that up in the days ahead. Temperatures will do no better than normal to below during this entire period. In fact, we do not look for any period over the next 3 weeks where we see above normal GDDs…meaning we have no real warm air surging in. We need heat units, but likely do not pick any more than we normally would, and probably a lot less, in the coming weeks.