Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for March 28, 2018

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for March 28, 2018


As we move through the day, we’re looking at another day of moisture working up through the Ohio River Valley. We are seeing this moisture arc out of East Texas through Arkansas, the mid lower Mississippi valley, then right on through Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, and into Ohio. That means northern areas may not see much action today. We’ve got a strong low that kicks out tomorrow moving across the same basic area but lifting further north about 100 miles or so dragging moisture up into the Great Lakes.

Today and tomorrow I think you’re looking at anywhere from half to probably 2.5 inches of rain. The higher end of that range near the Ohio River where we will see rain continue to train over the area one cell followed by another cell. So, we’re looking at some very active weather down that way.

On Thursday it looks like most of the moisture is off to the east over parts of Ohio where we’ll still see some cloud cover and some spit and sprinkle action over Indiana, but generally we’re done. That means I’m putting together a dry forecast for Friday. Colder, of course, as we see temperatures below freezing on Friday morning into the northern third of Indiana, but dryer.

Saturday afternoon and then Easter Sunday looking pretty good with sunshine and blue skies. A little bit of cloud cover to build in from the north and west as we are probably going to be seeing some scattered, light precipitation in Northern Indiana as we get into the evening on Easter Sunday. Sunday night, expect light moisture of a few hundredths of an inch to 3-tenths as we go through mid-day on Monday.

Where we really have to pay attention is in Central and Southern Indiana. Overnight Monday night into Tuesday we have rain showers that may change to snow as a shot of cold air coming in overnight Monday night. The moisture will linger in Central and Southern Indiana. Expect 2-tenths to 6-tenths precipitation for Central and Southern Indiana, potentially wet snow.

In Northern Indiana, expect light snow on Tuesday afternoon. Rain will continue over Central and Southern Indiana, or at least continued precipitation overnight Tuesday night in the early Wednesday morning, adding another quarter to half an inch. We should be dry by Wednesday afternoon as high pressure comes in for Thursday and Friday.

Our next big-time weather system will come on the 7th. We could be looking at anywhere from half to 2-inch rainfall totals. Temperatures will be normal to above normal for the rest of this week with below normal temperatures next week as that shot of cold air pushes through.