Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for March 29, 2018

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for March 29, 2018


We’ve got some of the moisture lifting out of the mid and lower Mississippi River Valley in Arkansas, and it’s going to be coming across southern parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio today. That’s where the low pressure is going to track. It’s going to be spreading moisture all the way up across the rest of the Eastern Cornbelt.

For Indiana, we’ve got good moisture trying come through. A quarter to one-inch rainfall totals is possible. The highest end of that range probably down closer to the Ohio River, and closer to low-pressure circulation in the low-pressure path. We will have to see how it all comes together, but I’m expecting a wet day here today. Everything should be done by midnight tonight, and we may still see some lingering spits and sprinkles over eastern and southeastern parts of Indiana around midnight.

Tomorrow is looking dry with high pressure coming on Friday. We should see sunshine, blue sky, and comfortable temperatures. I don’t think we see a massive cool down right away on Friday.

We’re going to be looking at a dry Saturday as well, but through the day Saturday watch for low pressure coming across the upper Midwest, across Minnesota, and across Wisconsin. There’s going to be moisture associated with it, and more importantly cold air the ramps in behind.

I do think that most of Saturday will be dry. We’re probably going to be seeing clouds trying to build Saturday midday and afternoon, but I don’t think they’re going to be right away wanting to produce moisture. I’m keeping an eye out for a few scattered showers totaling a few hundreds of an inch to maybe a tenth or 2 on Saturday night.

Easter Sunday itself, I think we’re going to be dry. Unfortunately, it’s going to be colder. Strong north winds coming in behind the system and around the leading edge of a massive Canadian high. So, expect temperatures below normal on Sunday. Again, I think we’re going to be dry. So, if you’re planning to head out for Sunday services or any kind of Easter activities, you’re probably not going to be wet, but bundle up for the colder air.

We’re going to see that cold air hold over the region as we go into the first part of next week. High pressure drifts across for next Monday and Tuesday. Expect Monday and Tuesday to be sunny with blue skies. We’re going to be seeing some moisture along the southern rim of the high, but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere further north and maybe the Tennessee Valley into parts of Kentucky.

Next system that I see impacting us here is a little bit of cloud cover, a little bit of spit and sprinkle action, next Wednesday night into Thursday. Expect few hundreds of an inch to no more than a tenth across about 50 percent of the state. Then we’re back to dry weather with high pressure in control on through the end of next weekend.

The key difference here is we may not see the moisture for next week, but we definitely see temperatures well below normal for this time of year. We have another cold push to start off the month of April.

Rain coverage today will be about 80%-90% of the state with the heaviest rains in the south.