Home Weather Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for May 2, 2019

Ryan Martin’s Indiana Ag Forecast for May 2, 2019


Scattered showers are back in over the state today, after most of the region picked up a few hours of rain free weather yesterday into last night. The action today features better chances this afternoon and evening than this morning, but the overall feel of the day will be wet. We look for a few hundredths to half an inch with coverage at around 70%. Rain and thunderstorm action picks up for tomorrow, with rains of .25”-1” and 90% coverage. Then on Saturday we add another .1”-.8” as the last wave of moisture moves out, but that Saturday action likely stays in southern Indiana, from I-70 south. Down there we see 80% coverage still, while northern Indiana starts to dry just a bit.

Sunday and Monday should be dry with no new precipitation. Evaporation rates will be around .2”-.25” of moisture leaving per day…barely making a dent in the heavy rains of this week.

Moisture is back starting next Tuesday, with scattered showers slowly arriving, and a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. We end up with a wide range in moisture, from .1” to 1”, with the upper end only around in thunderstorms. Coverage should be around 70%. Next Wednesday will have showers over central and northern Indiana, but nothing over the southern third of the state. That triggers totals of .25”-.75”. Thursday rain and thunderstorms deliver another .5”-1.5” with 100% statewide coverage. So, that means over the 3 day period, we can easily see rains of half to 2” or more with 100% coverage of the state. Not what we need at this time. The maps shows moisture from this morning through next Friday morning…8 day rain totals.

Clouds give way to sun next Friday, and for now we can say we don’t expect any new precipitation. The dry window continues through Saturday and Sunday, the 11th and 12th as we transition into the extended 11-16 day forecast window. Unfortunately, the dry period ends there, and at max evaporation, that means we lose .75” of moisture for the period, after picking up half to 2 inches immediately before…so, no net drying there.

Showers return for Monday the 13th, coming in from the SW and spreading northeast across the state. Rain totals can be from .25”-.9” with 100% coverage. Then after a drier window from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday, showers develop again for Thursday and Friday, the 16th and 17th. In that batch, we have moisture totals at .25”-1.5”, with the upper third of the range limited mostly to thunderstorm development. Still, it means we really do not see any good, sustainable drying over the state. Field work expectations still have to be pretty low through midmonth.